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"This might be a good idea."


2010-05-02 19:20:22 by ZMan68

I dream about cheese!



2010-04-30 20:26:01 by ZMan68

well what should i say?

RE an idea

2010-04-26 20:22:19 by ZMan68

Please look at my post before this and tell me what you think k -Z

A idea...

2010-04-18 20:07:15 by ZMan68

I think there should be friends so you could keep in touch with them or see their new flashes..
tell me what you think...

A idea...


2010-03-20 18:02:54 by ZMan68

after a while i have been realizng that there has been more and more games with medals.

Need a little help

2009-06-12 15:05:45 by ZMan68

Well i was wondering if you could look at my last post and make that game for me if you do, add me to the authors list ok?

long loading game??

2009-06-09 20:55:34 by ZMan68

I am thinking about making a long loading game. Well the basic idea is to destroy the noobs of newgrounds who make long fake loading bars on games. Should i do it??

long loading game??


2009-06-02 19:32:28 by ZMan68



yea flash

2008-08-16 20:39:11 by ZMan68

please watch my flash and vote and review